Banking Options at Online Casinos

Banking Options at Online Casinos

Deposit and withdrawel options when playing at online casinos

The online gambling industry has had its share of ups and downs. The most recent is of course the move to have gambling online banned. This of course has not been tested in court nor ratified by the appropriate authorities. Opinion in fact exists that banning online gambling contravenes certain constitutional rights and will never be approved and made law.

None the less, many institutions now won’t process gambling transactions. Visa for one code their USA based gambling debits in such a way that they are declined. So there you sit, wanting to spend a dollar or two and with no way to do it. Right? Wrong! There are ways to deposit, accounts you can fund, all resulting in relatively easy and very secure online transacting. We list these below for you to peruse.

Your range of options include:

  • ACH – Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a nationwide electronic funds transfer (EFT) system that provides for the inter-bank clearing of credit and debit transactions and for the exchange of information among participating financial institutions.
  • Citadel – myCitadel is FREE to deposit and FREE to pay – Shop with confidence without sharing your personal and financial details.
  • NETeller – Sign up for a NETELLER payment account today to get access to an eWallet. You can use it to pay and get paid on thousands of sites and to send money to individuals around the world.
  • Paypal – Expect more from your money. Pay how you want, when you want, where you want.
  • Poli – No Registration Required. Free to Use. No need for a credit card – avoid surcharging!. Receive an instant receipt. Receive goods and services faster.

What is NETeller?

NETeller is a secure and effective system used to send and receive funds electronically over the Internet.

How do I withdraw money with NETeller?

U.S.A.: = If you are located in the USA, you can transfer funds to a bank account that you have linked to your NETeller account. The transfer takes between 2 to 4 business days to process OR you can request a draft at a cost of $1 which takes 2 days for processing.

International: You can request funds from your NETeller account by check. This transfer can take between 1 – 6 business days. Checks are being sent by regular mail at a cost of $1 or can be sent through FedEx overnight for an extra cost. If you are a canadian resident, you can withdraw your funds to your canadian bank account on Canadian or U.S funds.

OR: If you live in a country outside U.S.A or Canada but have a bank account in the U.S.A. you can transfer funds to this account.

How do I withdraw casino winnings with NETeller?

If you have made a deposit to the casino using a valid credit card, the intitial deposit will be credited back to your credit card. Any amount remaining can then be withdrawn through one of our withdrawal options.

Are there any fees to withdraw money from a NETeller account?

Withdrawal Type Fee Time
Credit Card Free Up to 7 days
Bank Account Free 1-2 business days
Checks 1.00 Min 2 days
Neteller Debit Card 2% Up to 15 minutes
Peer to Peer 1.9 % Instant

What are the benefits of having a NETeller account to use at casinos?

Having a NETeller account will facilitate the online transactions with a casino, allowing you to easily purchase real chips and withdraw your winnings. Moreover, you will have the benefit of normally collecting extra casino chips just by making your purchase with NETeller. (Most online casinos offer a bonus for using NETeller). You can collect your winnings quickly by using NETeller.

Top NETeller bonuses from casinos

A great number of Online Casino accept deposits and withdrawals through Neteller – The majority of Casinos also facilitate up to a 15% Bonus for their gaming clients when making a deposit.

How do I open a NETeller account?

To open a NETeller account, you will need to sign up here:

Your NETeller account will be implemented immediately and you will receive a NETeller account ID which is the same as the email address you submitted. Please, make sure that you send a valid and accessible email address.

How do I deposit money to my NETeller account?

NETeller has a number of easy and reliable methods that you can use to deposit funds into your NETeller Account.

  1. Deposit Type Fee Time
  2. Insta Cash 8.9% Flat Rate Instant
  3. Electronic transfer Free 4-5 business days
  4. Visa/Mastercard 3.9% flat rate Instant
  5. Bank Wire Free 1-2 business days

Insta Cash: InstaCASH Deposits work exactly the same as regular EFT deposits, except your account is credited instantly.

Electronic Fund Transfer: Using Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), NETeller can move funds directly from your bank account into your NETeller account. This system is currently only available to individuals with US or Canadian bank accounts.

Credit Card: Non-Certified members can use a maximum of $500 on a single credit card until they become Certified. Certified members can use a maximum of $4000 in a rolling 30 day period.

Bank Wire: Bank wire deposits can be initiated from any bank worldwide. Please note that bank wires ARE NOT EFT’S (Electronic Fund Transfers). You must physically go into your local bank with the appropriate Bank Wire information to initiate a bank wire deposit to your NETeller account. Personal bank wires originating from a business account will not be accepted.

Transferring Funds to a NETeller Account from Merchant

Having a NETeller account allows a merchant (online casino) to be able to deposit funds to your NETeller account immediately. Make sure that you provide the information below to your merchant for a successful transaction.

NETeller Email Address: This is the email address you have submitted on your NETeller application and has been approved by NETeller.

NETeller Account Type: This is the type of merchant account you have signed up for. Since you are setting up to receive funds, the ideal type of account is “Member”.

How do I contact NETeller?

You can email NETeller at

You can call NETeller at 1.888.258.5859 if you are located in the U.S.A or call international at 001.403.233.9466